Chili-stuffed Sweet Potatoes + spiced watermelon

I’m currently writing my first ever iPhone post because clearly I cannot move the 2 feet to fetch my laptop and sending iPhone pictures to my computer is just too much for me to bear.

Today I will bring you one of my stand-by recipes adapted from here: Unsloppy Joes

I started out making the recipe as described- to go between buns or bread in sandwich form. That’s a delicious way if eating it, but I later discovered that an especially delicious mode of consumption is .:drumroll:. as a stuffing. In/on a sweet potato. (Never would have guessed that from the title, right?) So here we go, without further adieu I bring you…

Chili-stuffed Sweet Potatoes


I really enjoy this chili mix. It has a strong flavor that’s perfect for a sandwich or for topping sweet potatoes. The vinegar gives it a good kick.

Chili-stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato clearly unpictured, but I assure you it was tasted and delicious.

Chili-stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I ate this alongside my typical vegetable mix:

Carrots and Snap Peas

Plus a summer favorite that’s come back into the mix:

Yesterday, I was in the mood for something different, so I sprinkled some Jerk Seasoning on top:


Must say, it was quite delicious.

OK: Confession time, I started this post on my phone but switched to the computer for all the editing, recipe posting, font stuff. Maybe one day I will get out a post that doesn’t need much editing to take full advantage of my mobile app.

Exercise Quickie:

Today I did Strong Lifts B workout.

Squats: 110lb 5×5 (poor form on 2 of the reps, so I’m retrying it Friday),

DB Overhead Press: 25 lb DBs 3×4/5/4

Deadlift: 130 1×5


Questionable Decisions.

Last night as I sat in my cushy dining room armchair trying to catch up on my google reader blogs (Yet I still somehow have 134 new items), two things came to mind:

1. I don’t feel like eating/cooking anything in my apartment

2. I must go deposit my sister’s rent check in the nearest ATM

So, naturally, I decided to walk to my local grocery store, get a salad bar, and deposit my check via ATM. I heard some thunder, so I figured that I should be quick so as not to get rained on and grabbed my umbrella just in case.

I go the ATM, successfully deposit the check, enter the grocery store, make my salad, and mosey on over to the natural foods section to pick up some oat bran. As I’m walking out of the section, I overhear two ladies talking about how they’re going to have plenty of time to keep talking, and I’m wondering what they mean by that when I look outside to see rain pouring down in sheets with lots of thunder and lightening to keep it company.

So I end up waiting in the entrance of the store with several other shoppers in similar predicaments. (Well, they at least had cars in the parking lot) Meanwhile, the power goes off in the grocery store and the generators kick in. (It was that kind of storm) Finally, the rain dies down to a pour and I walk home under the shield of my umbrella.

Upon arrival at the abode, I discovered that my power was out as well. Go figure. So, naturally, there was only one solution: light some candles, eat my food, and cut a watermelon:

L uckily, the power came back on an hour later, and I was able to go about my normal night (and morning, for that matter) routine.

What questionable decisions have you made lately?