A Hop Skip and a Jump

hop skip and a jump away from my homebase landed me in Charlottesville, VA for part of my weekend. Good times were had with my good friend, Annie.

Oh look, there we are: (Annie left, me right)

Us in May.

We had a lovely evening out Friday night and then had some good-old Cville fun Saturday morning.

First: We headed out to the Farmer’s Market near the Downtown Mall. I purchased several bell peppers, 2 interesting tomatoes, purple basil, and 2 red onions — all pesticide free! The peppers were a real bargain – I paid $3 for 3 red bell peppers and 1 yellow bell pepper. Normally, I would pay $3-4 for 1 organic bell pepper. Here are a few of my purchases:


Aren’t the colors magnificent?

Needless to say, I was a very happy camper.

A glimpse of what's to come.

Next: We walked over to at an awesome restaurant called Bluegrass Grill and Bakery for brunch


On a typical visit for brunch, you’ll be waiting about an hour to get a table, but many would agree that it’s worth it.


I’d say one of my favorite things about the restaurant is their awesomely large, dense biscuits, which are made from a mixture of whole wheat and white flours. I really had my heart set on getting one of these delicious monstrosities, so I looked the menu for an item that came with one as a saide. I decided on Gaia’s Revenge: homefries topped with an assortment of vegetables and soy chorizo, and a sriracha-syrup glaze. Plus, since I really wanted an egg, I ordered one overeasy to go on top.


Blurry, but I think you can still appreciate the deliciosity of this meal. (Check out how large the biscuit is!)

After our bellies were nice and full, we headed over to Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet for a free beer tasting. It was really cool to visit the brewery and see where all of the beer is made. Plus, it was awesome to have a free beer tasting (which is offered every weekend, if you’re ever in town). I didn’t remember to snap a picture, but I found this one on the internet:

That’s the tasting area.

Alright, early morning tomorrow.

My next protein bar:

Just kidding.