I’ve Made a Commitment.

So this past week I’ve committed myself to a new way of life.

Only kidding! Not vegan. Not that there’s anything wrong with being vegan… I just don’t want to be vegan.

My actual new way of life is being a pre-work worker outer. I’ve been waking up between 5 and 5:05am and ambling off the the gym for an awesome sweat session before work, and I think I’ve gotten the routine down to a science.
5:00-5:05am – wake up

cold coffee (brewed the night before) with 1/2 a scoop of protein powder
The rest of the coffee
5:15-5:25 – prepare for the day (put lunch items in lunch box, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.)
5:45am – Arrive at the gym.
M- Cycle class (45 minutes)
T- Circuit Strength Training (40 minutes)
W- Elliptical (45 minutes) alternating forwards and backwards (w/my Women’s Health Magazine)
TR- Circuit Strength Training (40 minutes)
F- Cycle class (45 minutes)
6:30isham– Enter locker room, shower, get dressed, and get ready for work!
7:15am – Get some free coffee from the gym, get in car for breakfast.
Breakfast: Overnight Oats. The perfect, portable meal!
1/4 c. oats, 2 1/2 tbsp oat bran w/1/4 c. greek yogurt, 1/2 c. milk, 1 1/2 tbsp flaxseed meal,  1/2 tbsp almond butter, mango & frozen berries, spices
1/8c quick steel cut oats, 2 1/2 tbsp oat bran, 2 tbsp peanut flour, 1/4 c greek yog, 1/2 coconut milk beverage, mango, blueberries, spices
1/4 c oats, 2 1/2 tbsp oat bran, 1/4 c greek yog, 1/2 c coconut milk beverage, 1 tbsp flaxseed meal, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 diced apple, spices 

7:30am – Leave parking lot for work
7:52-7:57am – Arrive at work. (I’m hourly, so I know the exact time range.)

Let me tell you- my day is sooo much better when I don’t have a workout looming over my head. Workouts feel awesome and fun again rather than an item on my to-do list when I’m exhausted after work. 

In other news, since I’ve been working 8 hour days, I get to pack way less for lunch!
om nom nom
10:00am – 1/2 grapefruit
12:00pm – (moving counter-clockwise from the grapefruit) (1) roasted green beans, (2) turkey (leftover roasted) and swiss sandwich with yellow mustard on my favorite bread, & (3) cooked cabbage/broccoli/onion/mushroom w/turmeric, salt, pepper, & apple cider vinegar
3:00pm – 1 tbsp raw mixed nuts, 1 tbsp unsalted dry roasted peanuts, & 2 prunes

Of course the meal changes but the schedule stays about the same. And that’s my workweek for you. Topped off with a Friday-evening glass of wine:

O-M-G This is so good.

I have had the pleasure of saying this twice (and more extremely than usual) in the past week.
The First:

Overnight Oats in a very-nearly-finished Almond Butter Jar:
1/4 cup multigrain hot cereal
1/4 cup oat bran
1 1/2 tbsp flaxseed meal
1/2 cup skim milk
1/4 cup 0% greek yogurt
diced mango
refrigerate overnight
The Next morning…
Jar Alternative: If you don’t have an almost-done-jar of almond butter, simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl or an empty jar and add some nut butter yourself. 
This jar was. so. good. I orgasmed in my mouth. True success. Mango is delicious. It is on my grocery list to buy again.
The Second:
Peanut Soy-Lime Tempeh Vegetable “Stir-fry” 
I say “stir fry” because I roasted the tempeh, garlic, and onion and steamed the rest of the ingredients.
Step 1: Cube 8 oz. package of tempeh, chop onion and garlic, and toss in a mix of sesame and extra virgin olive oils. Roast on 400˚F for ~20 minutes, mixing half-way through
the finished product

Step 2: While tempeh is roasting, chop vegetables of choice (I used broccoli, snap peas, carrot, asparagus, and halved kumquats) and steam for about 7 minutes.

     Note: I used a steamer basket and a large pot. Fill pot with about 1/2-1 inch of water, dump vegetables in basket, bring to boil, and reduce to medium for 7 minutes.
Step 3: Combine 2 tbsp reduced sodium tamari or soy sauce, 2 tbsp peanut flour, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, ~1/2 tbsp chili garlic sauce, ~1tsp ginger, 1 tsp honey, 1 packet true lime (or fresh lime juice). Mix well
Step 4: Add steamed vegetables to roasted tempeh mixture and cover with sauce. Mix well and serve!
I swear it tastes better if you use chopsticks.

This. was. so. good! The flavors blended together really nicely and it made me go mmmmm. I took it to work for lunch as well, but I have to say that it was definitely best served hot (or warm) the night that I made it.

In other news…

Job/Life Update: Clearly (from lack of posting), life has been prettty busy for me. I’ve been finishing up school for the semester, going to job orientation, working out, cooking, and trying to get to bed at a decent hour to repeat the cycle.
As I just mentioned, I had orientation this week, and it went great! I adjusted well to the team and am looking forward to plunging into my day-to-day work next week. One other awesome discovery is that my gym is only 18 minutes from my work (closer than my last placement and closer to work than my apartment), so I’m hoping to begin going to the gym in the morning. 5:30am wake-up here I come!
So again, like I mentioned, I’m finishing up classes this coming week and hoping to be able to post more often because I know you’re dying to hear what I’m doing! (sarcasm intended)