Words to live by

Mould your own character (not others’). Learn to be happy whatever the outer circumstances may be. Develop love (which is in giving and not in receiving), tolerance, and patience. 

(wisdom from my daily Sahaj Marg email)


My Journey to Enlightenment

That’s pretty much all there is to enlightenment. No need to search any further.

Now on to the topic I really mean to be blogging about: meditation.

For the past year, the analogy has gone like this: Meditation is to me as Exercise is to most Americans.  I was the meditation couch potato eating a big bowl of potato chips thinking about how great it would be if I got up and went on a mediation. I kept creating this awesome plan where I was going to get really meditated and start meditating everyday and be awesome.

Trouble was, I just didn’t start. I did a guided meditation here, a few breathing exercises there, but I just reverted back to my non-meditating-proverbial-potato-eating-couch-sitting-tv-watching counterpart.

Until my good friend Ashley:



introduced me to a meditation community.

The practice is called Sahaj Marg. It sets out a meditation regimen to follow on your own (hour long morning meditation, 20 minute afternoon cleaning, and 10 minute night time prayer – which I don’t do) and then there are 3 hour long group meditations a week and a one-on-one session every other week. If it sounds like a lot, it is, but not as much as it sounds.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Morning meditation – 20-30 minutes where I focus on my heart center, or the “divine light” in my heart and try to let go of other thoughts

Afternoon cleaning – 15-20 minutes where I let the ‘impressions’ of the day melt away and leave my body through my back while a feeling of peace or the “divine light” enters my body through the front

Prayer – Nope. It’s too weird.

Group meditation – I’m trying to go once a week. I missed this week.

Sittings – So far I’ve done one and I’ll likely continue when they’re offered.

What I like:

Meditation is very relaxing and it has lots of benefits. The community is very welcoming, they make delicious food (Indian food), and it feels nice to be there. There’s something to be said for the formality of it all- it really has gotten me to stick to a practice. I feel like the community members really care about how I’m progressing with meditation.

What I shove-to-the-corner-of-my-plate-and-pretend-it-doesn’t-exist:

There’s  an interesting bit about a “master” in India (that everyone apparently loves) and this prayer that you say and the whole “spirituality” inner-devineness that just doesn’t quite click with me. So at this point I’m able to just sort of turn a blind eye and keep it moving. Hopefully it will stay that way.

All in all, this has been my personal trainer of sorts to kick my butt into meditation. And it’s probably the most different thing that I’ve done as of late. So life is good. (And peaceful)

What’s your experience with mediation?

Tried anything new lately?


To Do List

At the beginning of the week, I got fed up with listening to myself thing about all the things I “needed” to do so I decided to make myself a handy-dandy-to-do-list.

Sitting here on this Thursday reflecting back, I realize that I pretty much just made a list of “what I don’t really feel like doing but ‘should’ do so I’ll feel better if it’s on a list.”

For your viewing pleasure:

To Do List 7/15/13I have not filled out my passport application, I have not called the oral surgeon, I’m laughably bad at getting around to finally hanging anything on walls (propped against tables is as far as I’ve made it in my apartment history), and I have played flute once in the past 7 years.

So I am managing to accomplish two things on my to-do list. (The obvious plus I read about meditation – more on that later). I wish that I were absurdly rich so I could pay other people to do the tasks I find cumbersome.

For now, I’ll just keep on hoping that I will someday feel like getting s*** done.

Time to cross “blog post” off my to-do list.

What would you pay other people to do if you could? 

What’s on your to-do list?