Failure. I hate failure. Does anybody not hate failure? I imagine the scale of hating failure falls from mild distaste to extreme hatred. I realized yesterday that cooking-failure leaves me wounded. Especially when I was planning on eating a delicious dinner and it turns out to be a mushy-gross-mess.

Yesterday I had two things in mind when I thought about dinner: chickpeas and speed. So I decided to sauté some vegetables and then add diced tomatoes, chickpeas, a cooked-up grain, and some spices. Sounds good, right? Well, as it turns out, I chose the wrong grain. Or at least prepared it incorrectly. I chose to cook Kasha (toasted buckwheat) in broth. Bad, bad idea.

Doesn't it look like an alright idea?

The veggies and tomatoes looked good at least.

I should have known when the final product looked like this.

It was… mushy. It felt like a breakfast hot cereal that I had added a weird vegetable mixture and chickpeas to.  I literally couldn’t finish my bowl. All night long I was in disdain because of this dinner. It just felt like a waste of a meal. And it drove me to drinking. (OK, so maybe I was already planning on drinking with friends) 

But I didn’t throw it away. I had a goal in mind: make this better. Don’t let your food and time go to waste!


I decided that this dish needed (1) crunch… or at least more solidness and (2) flavor.

So I thought back to this dish I made a while ago and never posted: Chile Spiked Quinoa Pudding with Corn

The recipe called for me to mix up the ingredients and then bake it in a baking dish on 375˚F for 45 minutes. I decided this was what my dinner needed. Plus I added a couple chipotle chile peppers in adobo sauce that were called for in the above dish.

Step 1 of Dinner Improvement

I still wanted to add even more flavor and some crunch, so I roasted some cabbage and sweet potatoes and added them to the mix. 


And what I found was success. (Moderate success, but success nonetheless)

Great Improvement

It was a pretty solid cooking-just-for-me meal

What do you do with your kitchen disasters? (If you have them, that is)

Does a bad meal mess up your day? (Or am I just a weirdo?haha)