TWIW + Weekend Recap

Hey guys, it’s me again. In a word, this weekend was superb. I say this weekend and not this past weekend because I took a paid-time-off day today. It’s been glorious just being able to do whatever I wanted without really worrying about a schedule.

Friday night was spent hanging out with cool people (i.e., my friends).

I had my boyfriend and a few people over at the end of the night but went to bed before they left. Well, I woke up Saturday morning to a phone call from my boyfriend informing me of: the incident. What incident you might ask?

This incident.

In a nutshell: my computer no longer functions. So, I’m posting from my sister’s computer. But I’ll finish this story later.

Saturday was spent being stormed in with friends by Hurricane Irene as it made its way up the coast. There was chitchat and Amaranth Chili (made my yours truly). {Luckily my friend’s apartment never lost power}

Picture from my local paper


Sunday was another mostly lazy day indoors with friends and the BF. There were several trees down in my area, and it was pretty crazy to see these massive trees uprooted from the ground. The bottoms almost reminded me of baby teeth – you know, how they have that flat-ish, ridged bottom when they’re coming out?

Which brings us to Monday and the rest of the dead computer story.


“But wait,” you say, “I thought that you said you were posting from your sister’s computer.” Yes, I am indeed posting from her computer, but only because I am getting my data transferred from my old computer to my new one! (yayyy!) The major good news in this story is that the hard drive did not appear to be damaged, so they can transfer my data for me! (for a fee, but let’s forget about that part) I seriously need to get an external hard drive.

And now I shall leave you with…

This Week In Workouts 8.21.11-8.27.11

Su – rest
M – Circuit Strength Training
Tu – 4.06 mi run (9:32 min/mile pace)
W – Circuit Strength Training
Th – Yin Yoga (super-stretching yoga)
F – 45 minute Cycle class
Sa – Circuit Strength Training

Self-Evaluation: I like what I see for the most part. 3 strength days. 1 yoga day. 2 cardio days. If I had to pick one thing to change, I would try to work another cardio session in there somewhere.

Have you had any computer woes lately?

Were you impacted by Hurricane Irene?

What workouts are you into lately?