Like Knives

OK this isn’t about a City & Colour song but actually about knives. I’m in the market! Right now, I’ve been using my sister’s knives:


Good knives. Henckel. But now that I’m buying my own knives, I feel compelled to purchase some really good knives. So I’ve done some research, and it appears that Global and MAC come out on top. So I’m here asking for advice. Which of these options would you purchase? (And what kind of knives do you use?)

(1) MAC Original Series 4 Knife set (Carving, Utility, Fillet, & Paring)


(2) A slightly cheaper Global set (Chefs & Paring)
(3) Purchase really nice individual knives (retails at $20 cheaper than the above Global set and $60 cheaper than the above MAC set)

This Needs Something

You ever make something and think: this needs something?

Your dish is missing some “wow” but you just can’t place it?

Well, here are my go-tos for such a predicament:

Good for roasted vegetables, stews, baked tofu

Good for almost anything you could possibly cook.

Good for stews & baked goods

Good for anything savory.

Good for salads, vegetables, stews, sauces.

Good for sauces, stews, fish.

What are your go-to flavor enhancers?