5 Things Thursday 9.1.11

It’s crazy how the same span of time can feel really long or really short. The day-to-day aspect of last week and the week before seemed to crawl by, but at the same time, it felt like the next Thursday came up quick as can be. This week was the opposite: the days are flying by but if feels like last Thursday was a lifetime ago. (OK, maybe it just feels like a week and a half ago)
I would guess that time has changed for me due to some recent life-changes:

1- I started training for the new position in my company this week

2- I started classes for my part time grad school program.

3- I got an awesome new computer!

It’s been a good week. And I get to top things off with another 3 day weekend! Due to…

1. Labor Day – What the heck is it for?

I suppose Labor Day is a little straight forward than the other holidays that we get a free day off from work for celebrate. But, if you’re interested in learning about its start and meaning, click here for some information on Labor Day.

2. Did you/will you consider “health services” as a factor when choosing your college/university?

Well, if this is important to you, then check out this list of the top 10 colleges with the best health services. Sadly, my alma mater (University of Virginia) was not on there. But we did make Men’s Fitness magazine’s top 25 fittest colleges/universities list.

3. How much does the your birth month matter?

A recent study found a positive correlation between being born in the spring time and eating disorders. What? Really?! How is this possible? I don’t have these answers. But according to the article other things are also correlated with being born in the spring such as asthma, autism, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and having a shorter life. Did I mention my birthday is in May?

I guess April showers bring May…

early death.

4. READ THIS to find the right athletic shoe for you.

The article give a quick run down on picking shoes. And it also makes me think that I should buy a cross trainer shoe for when I do exercise classes.

5. Powerlifting: for women?

In case I haven’t made this clear in the past: I’m am woman hear me roar.

So I’m very attracted to the idea of powerlifting. However, it would take a big change on my part to change up my routine that much. Here’s one woman’s take on powerlifting for women.

Would you ever consider powerlifting?

How high did/does fitness rank on your evaluation of colleges?

Anything new going on in your life?