Career Craziness

So these past few days have been pretty darn crazy as far as my job goes.

Friday- I get an invitation via email to a confidential meeting with Human Resources in which I was offered another position in my company due to “uncertainty” about my program’s future.

Cut to today- half of the program’s staff gets laid off, and the other half is out of a job come August 26th. (luckily I managed to get into the second half) So, needless to say this is a lot to process. But I accepted the job offer. (Though it requires some screening of my Spanish skills first) It will mean a little more money, a lot of good experience, and a big schedule change.

totally unrelated.

Anyways! I’m going to look on the bright side of things and hope that this job pans out. (And put in some applications just in case)

But in all of this work craziness, I haven’t forgotten to eat well! (Duh. This is a food-eating blog, right?)

I spent last week enjoying barley a lot. Remember when I made it to go along with my salmon? Well, I had some leftover, and I got to keep enjoying it in breakfast form for a few days. If you’ve never tried barley for breakfast, you are missing out. It’s quite easy and quite delicious.

Step 1: Open your fridge, and stare at your leftover barley

waste not!

Step 2: Make half a serving of a hot cereal you enjoy. (preferably with milk for that creamy deliciousness) I made oat bran most days but also enjoyed quick cook steel cut oats.

+ Add 3/8 cup of barley (I think that’s roughly 1/2 a serving)

oat bran & barley

Step 3: Add your most favoritist toppings*

frozen sweet cherries + tahini

Strawberry, Kiwi, Wheat Germ, & Tahini

Raspberry, Flaxseed Meal, & Almond Butter

*Note: Can also be your second, third, or fourth most favoritis toppings

Once you try this, you will wish that you always had leftover barley. (That is my promise to you) The barley adds a wonderful chew and a most comforting flavor.

To round things out, I figured that I would leave you with This Week in Workouts:

TWIW 7.10.11-7.16.11

Su – 60 min Power Yoga

M – 45 min Cycle class

Tu – Circuit Strength Training

W – 20 min Stairmill + 25 min Elliptical

Th – Circuit Strength Training

F – 45 min Cycle class

Sa – off