Behind the Beet

Let’s see. Where to start?

No. Too far back, but wasn’t I cute? And a great artist I might add.
Still too far back. First communion – I was raised Catholic.
OK this is just too much fun. 
I can’t seem to stop myself.
Alright, we’ve arrived.
My name is Megan. 
                                  Hi Megan. 
And I created this blog because I’m a self-absorbed-ninny. Just kidding. I hope you don’t think that. Although I suppose blogging is a pretty ego-centric task. Really I created this blog to document my love of food, fitness, and fun. 
I recently graduated from college. (Ok… it was 5 years ago now. I should really get around to updating this thing more frequently)
obviously you needed proof
And I suppose college is where the whole food-fitness thing started.
     I didn’t really like physical activity as a kid and addressed the thought of exercise with general disdain. My mom was pretty good at feeding my family a balanced diet, but I didn’t really think about health or what I ate until High School. I suppose that’s pretty normal. I started to care more about what I put in my body (and how my body looked). And probably the culmination of these thoughts occurred during my first year in college. 
     I started exercising but only because I saw it as a way to “look good.” I was set on becoming thinner (probably influenced by a combination of the media and being on a campus full of fit people) and I began to view my body as something that I have a lot of control over
     The summer after my first year in college I became determined to lose weight (mind you, I was never overweight to begin with) and started counting calories and tracking everything that I ate. I stopped working out and my general disdain for it returned because I only cared about looking thinner. 

     I became pretty strict with what I ate. I even stopped eating pizza. /gasp/ And all this restriction put my relationship with food in a terrible state. Sometimes if I started to stray from my calorie limit or if I was having a stressful day, it would send me on a food binge–telling myself that the next day I would be back on track. I did not have a happy relationship with food. 

     But over time I started to become more interested in the things that I put into my body beyond their calorie content. I started to try and eat more vegetables and fruits, and I read about nutrition and what’s “good” for you. I started to focus more on what I included in my diet rather than what I excluded. My relationship with food improved but it wasn’t quite back to normal.
     Fast forward several months and I’m in a new relationship with an avid exerciser. At first I was set on not being an exerciser and not caving to peer pressure that “exercise is so great blah blah blah.” But then I just decided one day to tag along with a friend to the gym. And for some reason, it just stuck with me that day. I had a good time and started going on the regular. At first I was just doing cardio but I gradually added strength training to my routine once I realized how awesome it was. 

21st birthday – clearly I was excited about my small muscle growth 

I started to really appreciate my body and worry less about my weight. And my relationship with food greatly improved. I went from calculating every calorie I ingested to focusing more on getting the good things (like fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein) into my diet. And I stopped restricting myself from occasionally eating not-so-great-for-you foods that I love (like pizza. and ice cream. and eating-out foods.) And the bingeing episodes stopped. That’s not to say that I don’t overindulge sometimes, but I realize that it’s normal and I don’t feel the regret (and restrictive calorie intake) that I once did. Here’s a good chart from seventeen magazine about normal vs. not-so-normal eating:

     My love of cooking started around the Summer after my third year in school. I was broke and didn’t have a job coming for another month. So I made an arrangement with my parents to get payed to cook dinner for them. When I started, I could hardly chop vegetables. But I quickly honed my skills and realized that I love to cook! And thus started my kitchen experimentation, which continues to develop and evolve every day. 

vegetarian chili – one of my first recipes

     So where does this all leave me? Well, I suppose it leaves me  a food-loving-exercise-enthusiast with a thirst for knowledge (and a hunger for beets). 


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