Words to live by

Mould your own character (not others’). Learn to be happy whatever the outer circumstances may be. Develop love (which is in giving and not in receiving), tolerance, and patience. 

(wisdom from my daily Sahaj Marg email)


One thought on “Words to live by

  1. Man, your friend Ashley seems like a total babe.
    I was thinking about the parts you mentioned of pushing to the side and pretending it doesn’t exist. I used to do the same with squash/tomatoes/everyothervegetable. I decided to confront this fear of veggies (thanks in part to you!) and found that they aren’t so bad :)…beets tho… I’d recommend confronting this part of your practice head on. Ask questions, do some readings, even go deeper in your practice as to why you don’t like this. I’d love to know how this goes for you 🙂

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