Star Trek

Is it just me or is life going by like this ^^ lately?

A non-stop schedule mixed with the whole getting older factor makes me feel like time is just zooming by. How did I get to be 24? How long have I been interning? What happened to May, didn’t that just begin?

During the week, it almost feels as if I’m standing still and everything is moving around me so fast that I can barely keep track. But then I get to the weekend and it’s just a beautiful paradise of relaxation and socialization.

I find myself escaping into books lately, which has been just marvelous. At the moment I’m reading this little number:

Just a great all-absorbing-lose-yourself read. With vampires.Why are vampires so alluring???

How’s time going for you?

Are you as allured by put-your-brain-on-the-night-stand books as I am?


One thought on “Star Trek

  1. i am totally into escapist books at the end of the day! my “sleeping pill” books are chick-lit: they all have the same plot and ending but they’re enjoyable and i don’t have to think! 🙂

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