Since you’ve (I’ve) been gone

I’m stronger, right?

So… where to begin… Hi! I’m Megan. I know it’s been a while, but I promise, we do know each other. I’m that blogger who used to post 1-2 times/week and who you may or may not have enjoyed hearing from and then .:poof:. disappeared for… 3 months. But today I am back. And I’ve brought along some food updates:

Ribollita – 101 Cookbooks

Quinoa Salad with Dried Apricots and Tofu

Crunchy Lentil Salad (with added veggies and olive oil and stevia instead of honey and no dried fruit)

Southwestern Corn & Black Bean Salad (with sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts0

Roasted Cauliflower and Cabbage with Curry powder (made this almost every week as a side)

Garbanzo Bean & Raw Veggie Salad with Homemade Parsley Pesto

Roasted Vegetables & Tempeh with Asian Sauce and Barley

I ate well.

As you will remember, I have been cooking all of my food on the weekend for the week. It’s worked out superbly.

My Spring semester has ended (yay!) but my internship carries on. But at least now I have two weekdays that I have nothing going on. As a side note, I just payed my Summer tuition to the school for my internship. Isn’t that lovely- paying to be used as free labor? But I suppose I’ll be getting credits and a degree at some point.

As another side note- I recently celebrated my birthday (24)! I had a little get together, and I think this accurately represents how it went:

On that note.

As a side note: I accidentally saved this post as a draft about two weeks ago thinking I was publishing it. Oh me.


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