Healthy on the go(-go)

So, as you will have noticed from my frequent discussion of how free-time-as-I-know-it ends in January, free-time-as-I-know-it-ends-next-week. Check the schedule:

M- Work 8am – 5pm ; Internship 5pm – 9pm
Tu- ”     ”
W- Work 8am – 5pm ; Class 7pm-940ishpm
Th- ”     ”
F- Work 8am – 5pm ; Internship 5pm – 930pm

This means several things:
– Little to no cooking time during the week
– Extremely limited free time
– perpetual go-go-ness

But fear not! I have formed a plan to lead a happy, healthy life even while enduring such a schedule. It takes some preparation, but it’s totally worth it. Here is how I am making time for health and happiness  in a day-by-day schedule:


1. Plan 3 complete meals (~4 servings each). This is my rough plan: 1 stew-type-meal, 1 fish-inclusive-meal, 1 soy-based-meal+lots-o-veggies
2. Make a grocery list and do the shopping. (Only time for one trip a week!)
3. Use the rest of the day for fun or schoolwork (depending on what’s in the cards).

1. Prepare the 3 meals
2. Prepare breakfasts for 3 days **
3. Prepare gym bag for tomorrow morning**
** To save on time, I’ve started going to a YMCA within walking distance from my work and showering at the gym. This allows me to wake up about 20 minutes later and get to work early most days (cutting out the stress of running late). To do this, it is necessary to bring breakfast with me, which presents the dilemma: HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT MY BOWL OF HOT-DELICIOUS-OATMEAL?!?
solution: Overnight Oats in a Jar (cooked-style)
I took this one from Katie. Basically, I prepare my oats (1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup oat bran per serving) with 1.5 cups liquid per serving (.5 cup of that being milk)on the stove like normal. If I’m adding flax or chia, I add it while cooking. After simmering for about 5 minutes, I take the pot off the burner and cover.

1 serving of oats (but I usually make 2-3 at a time)

Meanwhile, I prepare my jars (emptied from old nut butters) by putting whatever mix-ins I like on the bottom.

The Mixin's

Then, I simply pour the oats into the jar and let the oats cool for a while uncovered. When cooled somewhat, I twist on the lid and keep them in the fridge until I take them to work.

with pumpkin, flaxseed meal, and almond butter

To eat: Heat for 40 seconds in microwave. Mix it all up. Heat for an additional 1 minute. Enjoy!

1. Wake up at 5:10am. Make 3 cups coffee. Pack gym bag with oatmeal. Eat protein ball and coffee at home or on the way to the gym.
2. Attend 6am class at the YMCA-near-work. Shower, dress, primp, walk to work.
3. Arrive at work, heat oatmeal, settle in for the day.
4. Go home for lunch! (this is key to my happiness) Enjoy a delicious meal that I’ve already prepped. Pack dinner if interning that evening. Do an enjoyable, just-for-fun activity for the rest of the hour. (vital to happiness once again!)
5. Return to work feeling refreshed. Do-it-to-it at the internship or come home for dinner and then do-it-to-it in class. (Make two more oatmeal breakfasts in the break between work and class on Wednesdays)
6. Head home, pack new clothes for tomorrow. Sleep by 10 PM (I hope).

To make things simpler, I’m pretty much sticking to the same workout schedule every week:
Su – rest
M – Cycle (45 min)
Tu – Strength Circuit 60 min Class (circuits of high-intensity cardio and weight training)
W – Cycle (45 min)
Th – Hatha Yoga (60 min)
F – Boot Camp (45/60min depending on instructor)
Sa – My Circuit Strength Training

I’m confident that I will concur this semester without too much pain. Wish me luck.

What’s your schedule like?

How do you stay healthy (and sane) on the go(-go)?


3 thoughts on “Healthy on the go(-go)

  1. i’m all about the food prep! i cook all my breakfasts & lunches on sunday so i can just grab and go during the week! it makes it soooo much easier! i’m working (almost full time) and going to school full time so i have no time (or desire) to cook during the week. i love your plan – organized makes life easier!

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