Judging by my title you may have discerned that I participated in November Foodie Pen Pals! So, around the middle of this month, something that looked quite a bit like this:

showed up at my doorstep from Keri over at KeriandBrian(dot)blogspot(dot)com {THANKS SO MUCH :-D} And boy was I excited to open it!

Ok, Ok, I didn’t really get a lolcat in the mail, but what I got instead was pretty much equally as awesome! I opened it and was literally in shock-and-awe. You wanna know what I got? Keep on keepin’ on…

Kamut Puffs

These things are the bomb(dot)com. Awesome fluffiness of popcorn plus the nuttier taste of honey smacks BUT with one ingredient what??? Yup. One ingredient. Just Organic Whole Puffed Kamut. I’ve been mixing it into my cocoa-peanutflour-stevia-cinnamon-plainyogurt-cereal concoctions.

Himalayan Salt + Salmon (& unpictured/already eaten salmon jerky)

The salt is proposed to have benefits over table salt due to a higher mineral content; however, I haven’t personally looked into the matter yet. I have, however, cooked with it and what I made turned out delectable.
Clearly I have not eaten the canned Salmon yet; however, I did partake in the Salmon jerky. It was quite interesting. If you like smoked salmon, you will love this stuff.

Coffee + Adult Drink Mixer-Uppers

We all know how much I love coffee (score). And I’m super excited to try out the drink mixes! One you can use to make mulled wine and the other you can use to make a hot toddy.


These are about to all go into work with me for several, nice afternoon pick-me-ups 🙂

The Chocolate.

BAM! Look at all of this chocolatey goodness!

1. 72% Dark Chocolate w/Mint –> hello, yummy get in my belly
2. Zico Chocolate Coconut Water –> so excited to try this baby
3. Dark Chocolate Almond Milk –> I’m thinking I need to invent a dessert around this stuf

And it all came with such a lovely letter 🙂

Are you interested in participating in December’s Foodie Pen Pals?

Send  an email to Lindsay at and include the following information:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)

She needs to hear from you by December 4th! And you’ll get your pairing by December 5th.

What was the coolest thing you’ve gotten in the mail recently?


3 thoughts on “Pen-Pal-a-Go-Go

  1. I’m so glad that you liked your package! I had to fight the urge to have everything that I sent you be chocolate 🙂

    And I knew you would like the Kamut in your yogurt messes!

    Sorry for the lame leaf! Lol it looked cuter on pinterest 🙂

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