Order up

It’s 7:00 PM on a Sunday evening, I have a couple hours before bed, and I have time to just do whatever I want. My room is organized, the dirty dishes are all getting clean in the dishwasher, and I don’t need to do anything for school for at least another week. I have to say, it’s sort of weird! I feel like there’s something that I should be doing.

I am going to bask in the glory of having time to just chill and simultaneously bring you your 5 Things Thursday: Sunday Edition that I thought I wasn’t going to post for you this week!

This week’s theme is: Five Things Fitness

1) Ever wonder about what’s going on in your body when you’re working out?

This article tells you about some hormonal changes that happen when you work out.

2. Need a Quickie workout?

Check out these 15 minute workouts for those days when you just don’t have any time.

3. Starting (or thinking about starting) to run?

Here’s some helpful beginner advice.

4. Have asthma but still want to run?

These are some tips for managing your runs with asthma.

5. Ever wonder about what trainers eat?

Here are some foods that trainers swear off.

The effects of following my blog. 😉

Ok not really, but isn’t he just the cutest?

And now I leave you with ThIs WeEk In WoRkOuTs:
Su – rest
M – Full Body Circuit Strength 1
Tu – 4.98 mi run @ 9:30/mi pace
W – TRX Circuit Class
Th – Yin Yoga (60 min)
F – Full Body Circuit Strength 2
Sa – Boot Camp class (45 min)


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