Halloween Shmalloween

It’s Halloween weekend and my lack-of-creativity-when-it-comes-to-costumes is showing its big-fat-head.

If you’re in the same boat as me, maybe you’ll like these links:





I finally decided on a half-way-decent half-way-costume. More on that tomorrow. (Let’s cross our fingers that I remember my camera)

Here’s a taste of my costume past:





What (if anything) are you going to be for Halloween?

What does your costume past look like?



3 thoughts on “Halloween Shmalloween

  1. My husband and I went with two of our friends as a “Nudist Colony on Strike” which was pretty low maintenance and still fun. Each word was on one of our teeshirts and we carried little picket signs. Yeah… we’re lazy when it comes to Halloween costumes. 😉

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