I Fell.

It was a Tuesday morning around a quarter past 6. Since Fall had begun, and the days were getting shorter, the sun wouldn’t rise for another half hour or so.

As I made my way down the last leg of my morning (4.63 mile) run, I entered a street with poor lighting and a brick sidewalk. I was running along, almost done with my run, and contemplating if I would be able to up my mileage for the next run, when WHAP! My foot caught a jagged rise in the sidewalk, and I toppled to the ground, catching my fall with my hands and left knee, then rolling onto my left hip.

But upon hopping back up from the ground, I was met with a super-adrenaline rush. I suddenly felt refreshed, as if I could keep running for miles. But I ran home.

The moral of the story:

And give yourself a good scare the next time you want to add mileage to your run.

TWIW (This Week In Workouts)
Su – rest
M – 45 minute Circuit Strength Training 1
Tu – 4.63 mile run @ 9:21 pace [ I keep getting faster! 🙂 ]
W – 45 minute Circuit Strength Training 2
Th – 60 minute Hatha Yoga
F – 60 minute Body Shape class [ muscle endurance class ]
Sa – 50 minute Boot Camp [ w/4 (!) Tabata intervals plus regular intervals throughout. (Probably one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever had) ]


2 thoughts on “I Fell.

  1. oh! poor thing! i used to run these laps around a lake in oakland and i went through a period where EVERY FREAKING TIME i fell! it was awful – especially because it was a crowded lake!

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