Just Do It

So guys, I’ve made a decision: from this day forward my new slogan in life will be….you guessed it, “Just Do It.” (OK, so I decided this a while ago but what is time, really, in the grand scheme of the universe?) The more that I think about the infamous Nike slogan, the more that I really identify with what it’s saying. It’s quite applicable to activities of daily life; for instance….

Scenario #1: (We’ll start with an easy one first) Let’s say you’re sitting at home, in your running gear, with a tense right back/shoulder area, thinking, “Hmm, should I go on a run today? I mean, of course I want to go, right, but this shoulder thing, I mean, it hurts and is bothering me, and I don’t want it to bother  me on my run and I worked out yesterday, and if I wanted I could work out later and..” STOP!


Scenario #2: You’re sitting at home “trying” to motivate yourself to write that paper or study for that test. All of a sudden, you become very interested in de-cluttering your desk, cleaning your room, organizing your sock drawer, determining whether or not its time for a snack, walking back and forth to the fridge, writing a blog entry…. STOP!


Scenario #3: You’ve done your laundry but now it’s sitting piled-high in your basket, untouched for days because, well you’ve got schoolwork to do, you work full time, you need to cook dinner, you have to catch up with your long-lost-friend, you’re just too tired from your busy schedule, you have to run out the door, you have to go to bed soon…. STOP!


Scenario #4: You’ve been falling behind on your blog entries. You know that you enjoy it and it’s fun but there’s just so many other things to do: grocery shopping, cooking, working, school work, friends, boyfriend, exercising, vegging on the couch. There’s so many things to do, why not just let it fall to the wayside… STOP!


The moral of the story (blog entry): Nothing’s as bad as your putting-it-off-self makes it out to be. As Tina would say: you never regret a workout. Likewise, you’ll (read: I’ll) feel so much better once that paper’s finished, that laundry’s put away, and that blog is de-neglected.

cue Inspirational Video:

What have you been putting off? 

What inspires you?


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