very important life updates

1 – I finished my coconut butter (sad face) but I got to make oats in a coconut-butter-jar (happy face)… and I have a new jar coming in the mail.

2 – I made beans in the slow cooker, which, as fate would have it, were AWESOME! I think the slow cooking gets the beans nice and mushy on the inside rather than the slightly al dente result from stovetop cooking.

3 – I purchased this stuff, which is awesome. It’s basically the best-ever dry shampoo that you will purchase. Just takes away the oil and leaves you hair feeling like… your hair. For real, go try it. (Disclaimer: I have thin, wavy hair, so I probably only properly represent this hair type in my two sentence review)

4 – I got to eat oats in a peanut butter jar. Side note: I used to think that someone else was eating my nut butters because I was going through them so fast, but then I realized after being in several different living situations, that I just eat that much butter of nuts.

5. I made Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili with 3 bean-types, corn, barley, vegetables, pumpkin, cocoa, and other seasonings in the mix.

TWIW 9.25.11 – 10.1.11
Su – rest
M – Circuit Strength Training
Tu – 4.63 mi run @ 9:38  pace
W – Circuit Strength Training
Th – rest
F – Circuit Strength Training
Sa – 45 minute Boot Camp class

Still missing yoga! But that shall be remedied this Thursday, bright and early.


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