Dream World

I’ve been doing a lot of paper writing lately (well, I’ve been writing one paper but dragging it out due to my full-time work-work) and I think because of this I’ve been having really memorable dreams.

And so I decided to take a break from diligent paper-writing to share my latest with you.

Picture this: True Blood theme will she choose Bill or will she choose Eric?

Only I’m Sookie, my boyfriend’s Bill, and Eric’s Eric.

It was a good, but trying dream. (I chose my boyfriend of course, duh)

But basically, I’m dying for the next season of True Blood. Someone come glamour me so I can forget about it until next season. Why am I sounding so nerdy?

And because I didn’t post it Saturday…

This Week in Workouts (TWIW) 9.18.11 – 9.24.11
Su – 45 minute Cycle class
M – Circuit Strength Training
Tu – 4.63 mile run @ 9:45 pace
W – Circuit Strength Training
Th – off
F – Circuit Strength Training
Sa – 45 minute Cycle class (including a 4-minute tabata part!)


3 thoughts on “Dream World

  1. Tabata sprints are the devil. I used to run some up a massive hill, and they killed me every time, but I did see a massive improvement in my fitness with them. Time to reintroduce them, perhaps?

    I haven’t seen True Blood yet. I need to finish Grey’s Anatomy/rewatching House first!!

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