Five Things Friday 9.23.11

First: some news. Well, as you know if you are a frequent reader of this here blog, I recently changed positions within my company. But despite this fact, I had been applying to jobs outside of the company ever since I lost my feeling of job security (via the laying off of half of the staff while in my previous position). I am happy to report that I was offered (and accepted) a position in an organization that I’ve been trying to work for since I graduated college! Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of my current job when I officially put in my two-weeks notice.

Five Things Friday September 23, 2011

1. Living the constantly-stressed-out-American-lifestyle? Then you must have a shortage of time.

Check out these health shortcuts to keep you a healthy-high-functioning-workaholic-machine so that you keep working until you die.

2. Got 20 minutes?

Good. If you use it to exercise, you can help “reverse age-related decline in muscle stem cells.” These cells are what your body uses to create new muscle growth. And studies (in rats) found that all you needed was 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week to triple the number of stem cells produced.

3. Tired of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Yeah, I’m not either. But it’s still cool to try new oils- like one from this list of 6 healthful cooking oils. 

4. Somethings can be blamed on “hormones”

But other things cannot.

Here is a slideshow that’ll tell you what’s what.

5. Looking to lower your blood pressure while eating something purple?

Then you’re in luck! A recent study shows that purple potatoes can help lower your blood pressure. The idea is that it has something to do with its antioxidants.

Just watch out for the purple potato monster…

Have you had any major life changes lately?

What’s something cool that you’ve learned recently?


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 9.23.11

  1. congratulations on your new job!!! doesn’t it feel great to achieve something you’ve been working so hard for?
    something interesting (and random) i learned today – people reach their peak capacity of digesting lactose at age 3 and it’s all down hill from there. also, if you stop eating dairy products, your body will stop producing lactase and you will become lactose-intolerant.
    there ya go, random … and maybe useless … but interesting!

    • Wow that’s really interesting! I wonder how long you have to stop for it to take effect? I’ve always considered doing a vegan challenge for a week or two but now I may reconsider haha must not prevent my enjoyment of yogurt

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