Dear Walmart,

Let’s be real with each other for a moment. You probably don’t know who I am (or care to know who I am beyond who my Debit card says I am) and I may or may not have/have had a thing against you. On the one hand, there are reports of discrimination and low wages amongst your workers and the whole “huge-store-with-prices-that-can’t-be-beat” thing kind of kills the competition for local, independently-owned stores when you move in. (Not to mention you have a wikipedia page dedicated to “Criticisms of Walmart”)

But on the other hand, you employ 1.4 million Americans (2.1 million globally) and provide people with super-low prices in a time when more and more people are falling on financial hardship. Plus, since you’re so popular, you can have a real impact on the community (for better or for worse) with your campaigns- such as your recent health kick. And you have a lot of stuff.

So while I still must say that I have not made up my mind about you, Walmart. But I have to say… thank you. For this:

You happen to be the only store I’ve found (in my area) that’s currently carrying Libby’s canned 100% pure pumpkin.

my tummy thanks you

ps: look for 5 Things Thurs…er..Friday tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Dear Walmart,

    • It’s “supposed” to be on the shelves at the kroger near me, but it’s either always out or they only put it on there when it’s pumpkin pie season. And another grocery store only had the pie filling. I hadn’t found the stuff since at least March.

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