5 Things Thursday (I made it!) 9.15.11

It’s coming.


I for one am looking forward to it. I think I could never live in a place that didn’t have all 4 seasons. Though, this is coming from the viewpoint of someone who’s never experienced year round sunshiny warmth.

Anyways, to kick off pre-fall correctly here’s…

1. A list of the best sustainable fish choices.

This slideshow will tell you about the best fish bang-for-your-buck, sustainability wise.

2. Advantages to not getting rid of your dog once it becomes too cold to comfortably want to be outside.

Apparently pets can help you live a longer, happier life. Just check out the reasons why here.

3. What’s in a stomach pain

Sometimes those pains can be something more serious, such as diverticulosis or diverticulitis. My father just has surgery for diverticulitis, but I’d never heard about it until then. Check this information out.

4. How your body works with water

This pretty cool article/slideshow tells you how water plays an important role in many bodily functions.

5. The type of fat you eat can have an affect on your depressive symptoms (not just the lessened daylight hours)

Apparently in one study, cutting back on unhealthy fats, such as high fat dairy, in favor of better fats, such as olive oil or nuts, helped to reduce people’s depressive symptoms. Judging by my recent eats, I’m well on my way to bypassing depression.


One thought on “5 Things Thursday (I made it!) 9.15.11

  1. I’m so glad Autumn is here! It feels like Summer never really got started, I’m glad it’s time for change.

    It’s interesting to read about the links between unhealthy fats and depression. Makes you wonder what else we’re eating daily that affects/changes our moods and outlook.

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