Coming up for air.

Do you ever feel like you’re so busy with work or school that when you’re able to actually enjoy the company of friends or sit and write a blog post, you feel like you’re coming up for air? Like when you were a kid and your swim coach told you to try coming up for air less often so that you could swim faster and you struggled and waited in anticipation until you reached the desired amount of strokes to take a breath? That’s how life is feeling right now. But oddly, I think I’m handling it alright. In the process of adjusting. Not terribly stressed, just feeling like I don’t have a lot of free time.

OK, enough blahness-talking. Let’s get into the cool things that happened this weekend:

I went to the farmers’ market!

My beans came with a “receipt” from the owner of the stand’s daughter.

This, my friends, is Lemon Basil. I never knew that it was a thing until I found it at the market! Apparently it keeps best if you cut off the ends, and stick it in water to keep it fresher. Who knew?

FOOTBALL season is here!

Today commenced the start of an exciting season (in my opinion). I went over to a friend’s for a game and gloated over my Eagles’ victory earlier in the day. I love football season for the social gatherings – nothing brings people together quite like football.

And now since bed time is quickly approaching, I will just leave you with…

This Week In Workouts (TWIW) 9.4.11-9.10.11
Su – Circuit Strength Training
M – 20 minute HIIT on step mill
Tu – Circuit Strength Training
W – 20 minute HIIT on step mill
Th – Circuit Strength Training
F – 45 minute Cycle
Sa – 45 minute Boot Camp

I missed my yoga workout this week 😦 I’ll just have to make extra-special-sure that I don’t miss it this week. And once again, have no fear, this week was sandwiched by rest days.


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