5 Things 8.26.11

So, we meet again. On a Friday. (Not a Thursday per my alliteration plan) But, I suppose life happens – for you and for me. And I figure no one was really on the edge of their seat, desperately waiting for me to post my 5 things before 12 AM Friday Morning. (If you were, thank you. I love and appreciate you and I’m sorry.) So here I am. With your 5 things.

This week I just sort of threw some things together. No theme.

1. Lost a lot of weight? Then you may have experienced some negative side effects.

This article goes over some of the negative things feelings one may experience when losing weight and why. Apparently your fat cells trap toxins that get released into your blood as you lose weight. (Who knew?)

{Side note: Where did the term to “lose” weight come from? Was it merely misplaced?}

2. Feeling sore?

This article details ways to avoid and recover from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) — you know, that sore feeling you get after you workout.

3. Ouchy feet?

This article details foot and toe stretches to help those footsies out.

4. Ever heard of Cool Sculpting?

This video gives a little overview of the procedure. Basically, it freezes your fat, kills the cells, and your body processes them out. Sounds weird to me. I hate the notion that people (especially women) must work towards achieving a “perfect” body.¬†

5. Best (protein) bang for your (caloric) buck.

This article details the number of calories that various foods contain for each gram of protein they contain. For instance, salmon has 9.3 calories/gram of protein (due to the additional fat content), and chicken breast has 4.2 calories/gram of protein (because it’s mostly straight protein). Not that this will affect my choices. Simply an interesting way to look at it.

Assignment: Make up a theme for these 5 things.

What’s your take on these things?


One thought on “5 Things 8.26.11

  1. One of the things that sucks about being vegetarian is that there are very few items that are very high in protein without also being high in carbs. Egg whites, however, are awesome.

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