TWIW 8.14.11-8.20.11 + SOTJ Farmers’ Market

Today has been quite a lovely day for me. I woke up, ate a nice bowl of oats with berries, flax, chia, and almond butter and then headed out to my local farmers’ market.

South of the James farmers’ market was a good mix of local culture (via music, jewelry, etc), produce, meats, and prepared foods. I enjoyed a nice walk around the area and then selected my produce picks.

UPDATE (now with pictures)[side note: I love iPhoto but it is WAY TOO SLOW]{side note x2: I figured out HTML text sizes!}

sweet potatoes & onions

sweet peppers

these red peppers also came in the $3 pesticide-free pack (score!)

butternut squash & 2 light-purple egg plants

I bought all of the above items + garlic for under $10. I love the farmers’ market!

I had a pretty lazy Saturday and wasn’t really planning on working out until 5:30 rolled around and I suddenly got on an urge to go on a run. (I know, crazy right?–> Especially considering how much I’ve talked about how I’m not really a “runner” lately) So, without further ado, here This (past) Week In Workouts:

Su – rest
M – 45 minute Cycle class
Tu – Circuit Strength Training
W – 20 minute HIIT on treadmill (plus 5 min split between warm-up/cool-down
Th – 60 minute Hatha Plus Yoga class
F – Circuit Strength Training
Sa – 32:08 minute, 3.35 mi run


4 thoughts on “TWIW 8.14.11-8.20.11 + SOTJ Farmers’ Market

  1. I actually find local farmers markets a bit more pricer than grocery stores. I need to be carefull too because I actually came super early one week and saw vendors opening up bags of produce (as in from a wholesaler) and selling them as if they came from their farm

    • Wow that’s nuts! I think that the best deals are if you buy pesticide-free produce from farmers who haven’t paid for the USDA organic evaluation. Peppers are an especially good deal that way

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