A Superrifically Special Delivery

I want to start by saying: today was the best Monday ever. I know, I know, the statement is a bit overzealous if not short sighted, but please allow me to make my case.

1. I wore a new shirt.

pardon my flash

2. I watched the latest episode of True Blood

I am beyond addicted to this show. Why is it so good?!?!? I think that my feelings for this show border on the infatuation stage of love. (But real, human love wins out in the end always, I promise, really.)

3. I got a yummy, healthy dinner for free.

Courtesy of mah mumma. --> Romaine, cucumber, tomato, mushroom with sautéed chicken and onions in a lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper dressing with leftover brown rice mixed in.

4. I got fresh figs from my parents’ tree

Oh my, what's that sitting behind my bag of free, fresh figs?

5. I got a totally free, extra-special package in the mail!

So remember the other day, way back when, when I told you about the Coconut Butter, Protein Powder, and Liquid Stevia I bought from IHerb.com? Well, last week I got a super-exciting email from IHerb’s social media handler! She told me that she found my blog and wanted to send me free stuff to thank me for blogging about iherb!

And guess what I found waiting at my door when I got home wearing my new shirt, high off of watching the newest true blood, stomach full of free yumminess, and fresh figs in hand:

Yep, that’s my awesomely free package from iherb.

The Goods:

Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets:

In the mood for bacon? Try... garlic?

haha but seriously, I’m thinking that these will go good on stovetop popcorn. I tasted a few nuggets out of the shaker and they were quite garlic-parmesany.

Simply Organic Citrus a’peel:


sorry for the hard-to-read-ness

I’m looking forward to trying this baby on some fish.

Coconut Palm Sugar:


Never heard of this stuff until today, but a quick search tells me that it’s “subtly sweet like brown sugar but with a slight hint of caramel.” (Source) As far as health benefits go, it’s low on the glycemic index and high in mineral content. Read up more on the health benefits here.
Side by side with brown sugar:

I’m thinking that I will bake a fresh fig cake/cakes based on my fresh apple cake recipe using this sweetener.

Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix:

Nutritional Information:


I’ll probably try and turn this into some sort of tomatoey or curry-ey (or both) stew.

I am so so so excited to try out my new products! And, as I mentioned before, you can get $5 off your first purchase at iherb.com if you use this link. Or just go to the site on your own (iherb.com) and enter my coupon code (EGA134). They give you free shipping for orders over $40! (And they’re quite reasonably priced if I do say so myself)

I will leave you with three photos:

These fun gems were excerpted from two videos that I found on my iphone. See, I found the iherb package at my door and didn’t feel like running inside for my camera, so I snapped a photo with my iphone. When I loaded my iphone’s data onto my iPhoto, I found two videos taken of me while at work. The blue-shirt day I half knew about –> the last photo is me turning my head to see one of the children I work with playing with my iphone. I had no idea about the pink shirt day. Wonder why I look perpetually annoyed at work? haha

Have any suggestions for what I should make with the goods?

What was the coolest thing you got in the mail recently?


6 thoughts on “A Superrifically Special Delivery

  1. You look so cute in the work pics! And I feel like I’ve seen all of those products (except for the garlic parm nuggs) at my local grocery store. I’ll totally be your guinea pig when you make the bean mix stew/soup.

    • Yeah I def have seen the soup mix before- but I don’t think I’ve seen the other stuff. Or at least I was never looking for the other stuff so I never saw it haha. In the future I would only prob look to buy the same type of stuff I bought previously from the site- obscure oils/butters, supplements, etc

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