5 Things Thursday : 8.11.11 : Fitness Forward

Thursday Thursday Thursday followed by Friday Friday Friday. This Thursday I’ve had far less free time than normal because I decided that I just had to go to a Boot Camp class this evening since I “just” did yoga this morning… and I have a 4:55 am wake up call for Cycle class tomorrow morning.

...I was going for "let's cut to the chase" but this was too cute to resist

1. Intriguing Side Effects of Exercise


Ya know, your face turns beet-red (…where did this expression come from, aren’t they purple?), you get itchy, you’re about to pee your pants, blah blah blah. Here are some of those things explained. 

2. Another Good Reason to Eat Chocolate

Apparently, a recent study found that that drank an extract of the dark chocolate flavonoid, epicatechin, were able to run 50 percent farther than rats who just drank water. Check out the article here.

3. In an exercise slump?

Here are some tips! I’ve recently been needing to add evening classes to my routine in order to add some variety. (Which happens to be one of the tips!)

4. In Love? Athletic?

You loving relationship could secretly be making you a better athlete. A recent survey of 400 competitive athletes found that being in love improved athletic performance. Check out the deets here. (Please be sure to check out the cheesy picture)

5. Do You Get High?

Yes there definitively is such a thing as the runner’s “high”. Read up on it here.






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