5 Things Thursday 8.4.11

It’s surprisingly hard to believe that it’s time for another 5 Things Thursday considering how slowly this work week has gone by. I can’t wait until I have a job where I can sit and eat lunch by myself without having to constantly tell little evil brats munchkins to stay in their seat, use their inside voices, and stop ruining my life. Only 16 more work days at my current job.

On the bright side, I believe that I pretty much have the replacement job within my company. So no unemployment worries. (If all goes well)

OK, enough about my super-duper-awesome-non-stop-party-life. Here’s your 5 Things of the Week:

1. Your Body on Stress

If you live in the Western world, I’m sure that you are very familiar with my little-fun-friend called stress. Unfortunately, my friend isn’t a very good influence on me (and you). He can cause physical, emotional, and behavioral woes. Check out all the fun stuff here.

2. Stressed yet?

Well, here’s a nifty slideshow of ways to deal with stress! I’m doing number 4 right now. It’s working out pretty good for my so far.

Notice a trend yet?

3. An entire gallon of ice cream sounding like a good decision right about now?

Your emotions may have a little something to do with that. Check out this article about emotional eating. Turns out, it’s not just the taste: when participants of one study got a solution of saturated fatty acids pumped into their stomach, they were actually able to fend off negative emotions better than participants who got a saline solution.

4. Looking for some un-food-related stress relief?

How about a good-ole smooch sesh? This one’s not just for the stressed: check out the health benefits of kissing.

5. OK, enough about stress. How about some homemade cures instead?

Here’s an article about natural cures for various ailments (from athlete’s foot to stomach aches) using common kitchen ingredients (from salt to ginger). Pretty interesting read.


5 thoughts on “5 Things Thursday 8.4.11

  1. Sweet blog. Not sure what you’re reading, but given this whole track you’re on, you should check out these blogs as well if you don’t already know about them:

    http://fortheloveofcookies.wordpress.com/ (Canadian ex-figure competitor, now powerlifter, though temporarily she’s competing in figure again)
    http://theorytopractice.wordpress.com/ (Super HIIT nerd, works at Efficient Exercise in Austin, TX)
    http://www.70sbig.com/ (Good for guys and girls alike)
    http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ (one of the big proponents of the Paleo lifestyle)
    http://robbwolf.com/ (pretty much THE guru when it comes to health and longevity)

    This is an article I usually pass on to women who are kinda into lifting weights, but not really: http://www.70sbig.com/blog/2011/04/70s-big-females/

  2. BWA HA HAHA! The first item reminded me of that old PSA of Rachel Leigh cook smashing up the kitchen “your brain on drugs” god Im old

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