Switching it Up

After a nice long break from strength training (last one was Thursday before my friend-filled weekend off from the gym), I decided that I wanted to do a Circuit Strength Training workout this morning. I have two that I do regularly with dumbbells, but I wanted to switch it up and try something different yet still get the fast-paced dual cardiovascular and strength training workout. So, I thought: “Hey, I haven’t tried doing a circuit training workout on my gym’s TRX straps yet!”

^^That’s some stuff you can do in TRX.

Basically, it allows for a body-weight workout in which you use your core almost constantly to stabilize yourself. If you’re unfamiliar with the equipment, here’s what the full thing looks like:

You adjust the difficulty of each exercise by the amount of angle you have in your body. I have to say, it’s a pretty awesome workout – I’m already feeling a little sore.

TRX Circuit Strength Training Workout

Circuit 1 (3 sets):
– 12 Squats (jumping forwards and backwards, holding the handlebars and leaning away (turned away) from the bar)
– 8 TRX push-ups (holding handle bars, leaning away)
– 8 rows (leaning away, facing bar, pull self up)

Circuit 2 (3 sets):
– 12 speed skater squats per side (holding straps, facing bar)
– 8 up and out shoulder raises (leaning back, facing bar)

Circuit 3 (3 sets):
– 10 tricep pushups on knees (trx not involved – couldn’t think of a good exercise using the straps)
– 10 TRX hamstring curls (feet in straps, lift body off ground, bring knees in and out)
– 8-10 bicep curls (holding straps, leaning away, facing bar, flex bicep)

– 12 jackknives with feet in straps
– 20 v-sits on a bosu
– 12 hip drops (hold handles at head, side facing bar, drop hips out and raise)
– 15 leg raises w/reverse curl (not on trx)
– 25 butterfly crunches (not on trx)
– ~45 second side plank with feet in trx straps
– ~50 second plank with feet in straps

Speaking of workouts…

TWIW 7.24.11-7.30.11
Su – off
M – 45 minute Cycle
Tu – Circuit Strength Training
W – 20 minute stepmill, 25 minute elliptical
Th – Circuit Strength Training
F – 30 minute speed intervals on stepmill
Sa – off


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