5 Things Thursday : Food Focus : 7.28.11

I was purusing through my recently-bookmarked links and noticed that a fair amount were food focused. (Go figure, I’m a food blogger) I thus decided that it would only be fitting to continue with my alliterationing ways and make this 5 Things Thursday a Food Focused one.

5 Things Thursday : Food Focus

1. Trying to justify your blueberry addiction? Need a reason to devour the huge package of organic blueberries you bought at Trader Joe’s?

It was only $5.99 -- I couldn't resist!

Great! You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a link to fill you in on some of the health benefits of blueberries.

2. Are you getting older? (answer: no yes) Know how your nutritional needs change with age?

Check out this cool slideshow about your body’s changing needs as it gets older. OK, so I’m a ways off from some of the ages, but it’s good info. Oh yeah, here’s the link.

3. Stuck with a pesky food allergy? Wondering “why me?”

This one hits relatively close to home for me. The B-F recently discovered he’s allergic to wheat. For me, this has meant that my pizza consumption has plummeted to zero. (I never realized that I typically only eat pizza with him) For him, it is much bleaker. This article discusses a few possible causes. The short of it: genetics, cleanliness, and pesticides.

4. Think you’ll buy less if you choose a basket rather than a shopping cart? No such luck.

This is one of those psychology things that really get me excited! (OK, interested. But excited sounds more interesting) Apparently the act of holding the heavy basket makes you want to go for a quick reward (i.e., ice cream, chips) over later monetary/health rewards. Check it out.

5. You’ve (probably) heard that eating on smaller plates means eating less food. But what about the size of your utensils?

Apparently the opposite is true! People eating pasta were ate less when they ate with a large fork than when they ate with a smaller fork. More about the theorizing and study here.

Alright. It’s time to tuck myself into bed for my 4:30am wake up call!


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