5 Things Thursday 7.14.11

I think I’ll start doing my 5 things on Thursdays. You know, gotta get that alliteration where I can. Let’s hope my promise is more reliable than this:

Bad joke aside, without further ado, I present to you…

5 Things Thursday

1) What’s that Smell??

Abnormal bodily functions got you down? Bodily functions looking or smelling a little different? Are you turning orange? Maybe it was something you ate.

^^An interesting article on several foods that have surprising results when ingested.

2) Think you know everything there is to know about sunscreen?

Probably not. Unless…

Just Kidding!

But seriously, check this out for interesting facts that you didn’t know about sunscreen. For example: did you know that ingredients in some sunscreens can actually speed up the development of skin cancer? (OK, so that’s not necessarily brand-new news, but I promise the article/slideshow is interesting)

3)Want to create your own work of art?

Check out this. (You will not understand the beauty unless you click)

4) Good news for HIV prevention:

New studies show that taking antiretroviral drugs may prevent new infections. There are questions about it’s applicability, but it’s still good news.

last but certainly not least…

5) Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation’s Schools With Enough Money to Properly Education Students

Check it out.



2 thoughts on “5 Things Thursday 7.14.11

  1. i think you’d like the blog quick!to the lab, it has the same fun sciency info that i loooove on your posts

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