Gym Rat

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m pretty much a gym rat. Just check out This Week In Workouts (TWIW):

Su – 20 minutes stair mill + 10 minute elliptical
M- off
T – Circuit Strength Training (as a side note –> I upped all of my weights recently!)
W – Cycle
Th – Circuit Strength Training
F – 20 min stair mill + 25 min elliptical (interval setting, alt. forward & backward every 5 min)
Sa – Circuit Strength Training (With my mom! I got a guest pass to my mother’s gym and did my routine with her.)

While a run outdoors is nice from time to time, it’s really hard to make myself do it unless I have few options or am short on time. (Or have running buddies –> Anyone into running in Richmond?)

As I mentioned, I am trying out my mother’s gym for a week with a trial pass. I was over at the parent’s house doing laundry, and motivating myself to go to the gym when it appeared that my mother was doing the same. So I thought, “Hey, why not go together?” Only she belongs to Gold’s Gym and I belong to the YMCA. So we decided that I would go get a free trial just so that I could play her personal trainer for the day.

Used to be a department store: can you tell?

So I pushed my mom through my Circuit Strength Training workout (I had to do some serious pushing to get her to lift more than 5 lbs) and then sat down for the spiel. You know, when the sales person talks-real-fast-and-lets-you-know-about-all-the-money-you’re-going-to-save-if-you-join-today. She almost had me convinced – I signed on for the week trial that turns into a membership if I don’t cancel before Saturday.

Pros of switching: closer to home, longer hours, open most holidays, family goes there, $1 cheaper.

Cons: it’s not the YMCA, not as many benches with the free weights, no windows, unfamiliarity, contract.

So basically the plan is to try out some classes, exercise with my mom a bit, and then cancel before I’m locked in. But it got me thinking: what do I look for in a gym? And why do I feel such an aversion to switching?

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is Gym Etiquette. 

When I work out on cardio machinery, I avoid holding on to the machine in order to get a more affective workout. (Unless I’m on an elliptical with moving handles) Typically, these are the machines I use:

I don’t touch anything on the machines except 2 buttons when I using them. So I figure: I don’t really need to wipe them off, right? But I usually do anyways because I feel that people are watching me and thinking that I have poor gym etiquette. This week, however, I was running late one day and decided to just leave without wiping them down.

So here are some things that I’m interested in knowing:

Would you wipe down machines that you used even if you didn’t touch them? 

Do you have any gym pet peeves? 

What gym to do you belong to? 

Have you ever thought about switching/switched gyms?

Are you a gym rat or a at-home/outdoors worker-outer (or, I suppose a non-worker-outer)


One thought on “Gym Rat

  1. Up until last year I was a total gym rat, but over the spring I became a big fan of outdoor exercise. However, I’m now ‘inbetween’ gyms until late August, and now that I CAN’T go to a gym, I desperately miss it.

    As for cleaning off equipment, I always give machines I use a quick wipe. It doesn’t take a second, so it’s sort of become second habit now!

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