Replacing Pumpkin

So, as you all are probably well aware, sometime around Easter it started to become impossible to find canned pumpkin anywhere. This made me very very sad because I love canned pumpkin in my oatmeal. But recently, while at an expensive, local, wholefoodsesque grocery store I discovered this:

It was located on the shelf next to some organic pumpkin (which I also picked up), but I thought to myself, “Hey, why not give this baby a shot?” A look at the nutritional profile was not as exciting as pumpkin, but I decided it would do.

So, this morning I took the plunge and opened this baby up:

Looks a little bit lighter than the organic pumpkin that I had previously used from the same brand. But it actually has the same smell. (reminiscent of baby food, but not so much as to repulse me)

I decided to make my usual pumpkin-peanut flour- blueberry-spices oatmeal concoction, only with butternut squash instead of pumpkin.

mixed with quick-cooking steel cut oats & oat bran (prepared with 1/2 cup milk)

The results? Delicious! It has a distinctively… lighter? flavor than pumpkin but it still went beautifully with this oat combination. In fact, I think I like this stuff better than the organic pumpkin of the same brand. (Granted, Libby’s still takes the cake… or should I say can)

On a side note, I’m marveling at how quickly this past hour flew by. I think I may just treat myself and watch a movie or something to enjoy the rest of my evening. Weekend starts tomorrow at 4:00PM!

What new-to-you product have you tried lately?

Do you have any awesome plans for the weekend?

I’m attending a birthday party on Saturday, but I’m hoping to pack in additional funness.

Ok for some reason I am compelled to post this:

I apologize.



8 thoughts on “Replacing Pumpkin

  1. I usually go to my trusty walmart for pumpkin emergencies, but they are usually puppy related (pumpkin=intestinal dog help)

  2. I love that stuff. And it costs the same. I switch up between that and their pumpkin. Though the canned doesn’t compared to fresh 😛

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