5 Things 7/2/2011

Here are Five Things that caught my attention in my recent web-browsing.

1. Got a headache?

Why not try some yoga instead of that pain reliever?

2. Check out the worst lifestyle habits that lead to weight gain here.

3.  Go figure – what you eat affects your weight.

Check out the top foods associated with causing or preventing weight gain.

4. Think you’re body’s just built differently than other people’s?

Maybe it is. Check out this quiz on determining your body type. And this one as well – it includes combination types. Other perspectives/articles here and here.

I was surprised to see that the quiz rated me as a Mesomorph on one and a Ecto/Mesomorph on the other.

5. Need an excuse to get a massage?

Here’s an overview of the types of massage and the health benefits. –> I got my first-ever professional massage this week and was. in. heaven. Seriously, go get one. They’re awesome.


Alright folks, that’s my five. I hope everyone’s have a good weekend so far! I know I am 😀

Have you seen anything interesting on the interwebs lately?






3 thoughts on “5 Things 7/2/2011

  1. massages are the best thing in the world!! That is definitely my most favorite way to “treat” myself! Now you have to try the amazing-ness that is FACIALS. They are soooo good, too and it doubles as a massage because they rub your neck, shoulders, and arms. I want one right now!

  2. Gah that kitty is too cute! I read that article on yahoo about how people are heavier because we eat more often and that they’re snacking more snacks than in the past, which makes sense but is unfortunate! Will definitely check out the links here!

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