This thing called life.

So, I’m a pretty happy person. Evidence:

See, I'm smiling.

{OK, I realize that smiling for a picture doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re happy, but let’s just go ahead and assume that I’m happy. You with me? Good.}

So I’m a happy person, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about life… and how much this “adult life” sort of sucks. How did the “normal full time work week” become 40 hours/week (45 if you get an unpaid lunch break)? Why is this the norm? Let’s say you want to live a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym for an hour/day, getting enough sleep, and cooking yourself fresh, wholesome food. How does it look in the 24 hour day that we enjoy on planet Earth? Let’s do the math:

8-9 hours at work

+ 30 minutes – 1 hour commute time

+ 1 hour gym

+ 1 1/2 hours showering/getting-ready-to-work

+ 1 1/2 hours food preparation

(I’m including packing a lunch and breakfast prep in this figure)

+ 30 minutes getting-ready-for-bed

+ 7-8 hours sleep                                             

= 20-22 1/2 hours of your day

So that’s 20 to 22 1/2 hours of your day that you’re devoting just to 1- go to work and 2- live a healthy life. As we all know, there are 24 hours in a day… so that only leaves you 1 1/2 to 4 hours to do whatever-the-F you want. And let’s be honest, some people spend longer on certain tasks listed above.

So how can you really live life in the 2-4 hours that you get to just do whatever you want?

only had to google search work comic to come up with this one.

I hate to be a kill-joy-debby-downer, but that’s where I’m at right now (in this half-hour), so here it is. I promise I won’t always be this bleak.

I guess this whole scenario is why people look forward to the weekends so much.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about these things a lot lately, and I especially got on this track of thinking tonight after seeing the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris.

It was a really good movie and basically it just made me feel like I wanted to do something creative with my life. Go abroad. Experience different places. Write a novel. Paint a picture. (OK, so I have no real talent for these things to my knowledge, but let’s pretend that if I practice enough, I can tap into my hidden talents)

But then when I look at what it takes to actually make enough money to support myself and have the type of healthy lifestyle that I want, this is what my life looks like:


… plus 4.6 hours accumulated per pay period for paid time off (both sick and vacation).

It makes me take a good hard look at my life –both working and otherwise– and think: am I making the right choices? Am I doing what I want to be doing right now? So after some consideration of this subject, I decided that this is what I want out of life (in this stage):

1. Blog – I really like doing this whole blog thing. I think it provides me with a creative outlet of sorts.

2. Find a meaningful job (or find greater meaning in my current job)  – My job is in the field I want to be in, but I just don’t feel like I do much to help the kids that I work with. I went from working a job where I could see myself providing support and counsel to other people to a job where I feel like a babysitter who’s not really making a difference for the kids that I work with. My current job definitely has some perks, like I no longer have to work weekends or 12 hour shifts, and I don’t feel like I “can’t” take a day off without being a burden to my coworkers. But I find that I’m just not as fulfilled in it.

3. Adventure  – I want to do adventurous things! I want to travel abroad, but I realize that doing so may not come into fruition n this current stage in my life. So- I want to do more adventurous things that are feasible, like going on a trip to the beach or visiting other cool sites that are weekend-trip-able. I have some cool adventures coming up (like camping next weekend), so I feel certain that this will happen!

OK, so that’s pretty much it actually. Now that I write this down, I realize that I actually have quite a lot to be thankful for:

1. Awesome friends!

(Here's two of them)

2. An awesome boyfriend!

It's true love.

3. A supportive family

4. Umm… the fact that I actually HAVE a job right now and am able to support myself financially. 

5. iPhoto for making it easy to fake blemish-free skin on the interwebz

(OK, so I’m really thankful for far more things that I listed above, but I’m getting quite hungry.)

SO, if you’ve made it this far: thank you for listening to me go on about non-life threatening-middle class-“problems”. I feel silly now because there are people out there with actual-serious-life-problems, and I just had a fantastic weekend full of the first three things that I’m thankful for.

In conclusion:

What do you think about life in the working world?

What makes you happy/provides meaning for you in life?


5 thoughts on “This thing called life.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I remember when I was a student feeling really busy all the time from class, homework, papers, studying, and working part time. I (mistakenly) thought that I would have more time just working a full time job hahah

  1. Your calculation scares me because its true. I feel so swamped now, I have no idea how people find time to date or have kids

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