...OK this is completely unrelated but clearly necessary to be an EatMyBeets post.

Why, oh why, is oats in a jar so darn delicious? I frequently add nut butters to my oats. But it’s not quite the same. There’s something about eating it straight out of the jar that gives me that “Oh my goodness this is incredibly good and decadent,” feeling. I’m thinking maybe it’s because it has so much more ooey-gooey-nutty-deliciousness than I would normally put in my oats. Either way, it gives me extra incentive to plow through my nut butters

OK, so now for my Ultimate Oats In a Jar Combo:


– 1 almost finished nut butter jar

– 1 tbsp peanut flour

– favorite fruits/berries –> I used fresh blueberries and (sliced) strawberries

– spices–> I used cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg

– 1 batch of prepared oats (steel-cut, old fashioned, multigrain… you pick)


1. Start cooking your oats via your preferred method. (I cooked steel cut oats on the stove with 1/2 cup milk)

2. To the nut butter jar, add your peanut flour, fruit/berries, and spices

3. Add your oats to your jar of deliciousness

4. Mix it allll up and ENJOY!!!

Please Admire the Thick and Delicious Creaminess that is OIAJ (the added peanut flour truly makes it)


4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. The animal pictures with captions are one for my heart 🙂 Ive never tried oats in a jar, but Im almost done a jar of PB..maybe its time to start…looks pretty easy

    • I love your animal picture with captions! I steal all of mine but your’s are original! How do you do that by the way? Also -You WILL NOT be disappointed about trying the oats! I used to never make it, but I saw a lot of bloggers making it, so I figured “what the heck, why not try it?” And I am oh so glad that I did.

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