One (wo)man’s trash…

Recently I’ve discovered something great! …OK, discovered probably isn’t the right word. I more realized something great. (It’s still great of course) …

Repurposing Products’ Containers
I don’t know why I ever threw them away before! What was I thinking? Lesson learned: when you get a good, glass (or even plastic under certain circumstances) you keep it. And use it. Again and again!
Let’s go through my small but growing collection, shall we?

Nut Butter Jars:
When you buy the natural stuff, a lot of times they come with awesome glass jars! (plastic’s not terrible though)

Keep them and use them for…
Overnight Oats

Or you could use them to store homemade nut butters
{Photos to come when I get my act together and finally make my own}
Other ideas:
– homemade sauces
– smoothies
– cereal
– water
– seed storage

Glass Spice Jars:

(OK, so I only have one at the moment)

– Homemade Sauces –> pictured is a peanut sauce
– Homemade Spice Blends

Small Oat Containers:

OK, so I was lazy and borrowed this image from someplace else.

Storing hot cereals that (annoyingly) come in bags.
I like to store my oat bran in an old quick oats container. I find that oat bran frequently comes in annoying packaging: plastic bags, boxes that don’t reclose. Solution: keep one of those oat containers, and stick your oat bran in there.

Peanut Containers:
I love those big see-through peanut jars! They’re probably the best thing to reuse – especially when you buy nuts/trail mix/dried fruit at Trader Joe’s!

As you can see, I’ve stuffed these with pistachios and mixed nuts, respectively. I’m going to have to buy another glass jar of peanuts soon, so that I can store my peanuts (they’re currently in their original Trader Joe’s bag). Because I obviously need 3 different varieties in my apartment at once. For only my consumption. Duh!
…maybe I should try to get around to making my own nut butter soon…

Yogurt Containers:
Yogurt containers are great for storing leftovers. Especially when you’re one person and you make 4 serving meals.
If you buy Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, you will have noticed that they recently started making their lids clear! Which is perrrfect for leftovers. (Nothing’s worse than losing your leftovers in the fridge because you think it’s yogurt)

As a side note – it’s probably best not to microwave these containers.

So now I have some questions for you…

What’s your favorite container to reuse?

Do you have any good dressing/sauce ideas for me? (I have hungry jars)


6 thoughts on “One (wo)man’s trash…

  1. I save everything too! Or I did when I was on my own. Since moving back home, I tossed it all because my collection had grew way too huge. Glass jars are the best though! I love drinking out of them. Lol it’s so classy! 😉

  2. I have quite the collection of glass jars from nut butters, salsas, etc. I love storing my bulk stuff in them or eating and drinking out of them, and they’re great for lunches.

    Also, I use rice protein because most dairy bothers my stomach. I’ve only been able to tolerate goat’s milk. Sadly no greek yogurt or cottage cheese 😦 I haven’t tried whey but since it’s from dairy it’d probably make me sick, plus I’ve found some great rice protein brands. 🙂 Do you use whey protein? Rice?

    • Ah I see. I use whey because I think I read somewhere that it has the best or one of the best amino acid profiles or something haha vague I know. I’ve actually never tries another type.

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