Phantom Teeth

So I know that all of you healthy bloggers are flossing your teeth every day. Right? (Right?) Well, I was just flossing my teeth literally 5 minutes ago and I realized something. Do you ever get the feeling when you’re flossing that you shouldn’t be as far back in your mouth as you’ve gotten in few flosses? Like you have teeth that you’re skipping? I get this feeling pretty much every time I floss. I have to look in the mirror or count the crevices with my tongue to make sure I did not skip one. I am missing 4 incisors, though, so maybe that explains it. Who knows.

OK, enough about my teeth. (Thank goodness.) I have yet another quick lunch recipe for you! I’ve just been churning these out. I had a mission when I came home from the grocery store on Saturday. I had to find  something to do with this fantastic find:

Mini Brie Bites

I seemed to recall that I heard of sandwiches of apple and brie, but I wanted to add a bit more protein than what the bread and brie provided. So, I came up with this…

Baked Apple, Brie, & Tempeh Sandwich


– 1/4 8 oz package of tempeh, sliced
– 2 slices of your favorite bread
– 1 brie bites container (or a serving of brie cheese)
– 1 apple
– 1 tablespoon unsweetened applesauce


1. Preheat your oven to broil. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, place your tempeh strips on top, and spray them with cooking spray. Broil for about 15-20 minutes, or until golden.
2. Place your bread on a cookie sheet. Cut up brie, and place it intermittently on bread (or spread now). Cut up the apple and spread out on the other piece of bread.
3. Bake bread with brie and apple at 350˚F for about 10-15 minutes.
4. Remove from oven. Spread the brie out on the bread and top with tempeh slices. Sprinkle apples with cinnamon and spread 1 tablespoon applesauce over the apples. Flip the tempeh side on top of the apple side and eat up!

Into the oven it goes...

After broiling


















Sandwich goodness after the oven.








Baked up and ready to devour.


This sandwich deliciously reminded me of grilled cheese. Only with delicious baked apple slices and tempeh thrown in as well. I highly recommend this combination. Especially if you’ve got yourself some Mini Brie Bites 😉


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