^^This is what I need to do. Clearly I’ve been busy since I haven’t posted since last Friday. But I’ve been thinking of posting. It’s been itching my brain. Popping up to remind me that another day has passed and I still haven’t gotten around to it. I think that my problem is that I need more order and (going back to the title) focus in my life. For instance, right now I have 6 tabs open on this window, 2 tabs open in another window, and 2 tabs open in a third (collapsed) window. I have 10 things that I want to get done in my limited free time and just can’t seem to focus on one long enough to finish it before jumping to the next.

If you recall I’ve been trying to work on meditation lately… actually I don’t know if I ever posted about it. Well, either way, I’ve drifted away from it again. (yes, in the week and a half that I’ve started again, I’ve managed to drift) I found myself falling asleep the past couple of times that I did it so it was probably no use to me anyways haha.

But I’m determined to try and get in the routine of doing it after work every day to bring the focus back into my life. Cool article on benefits of meditation for stress here. The brief article also includes a link to learn more about the practice.
This morning I finally got back to yoga. I didn’t go last week and I can really tell I was missing it. Speaking of workouts…
This Week in Workouts:
Sa – 40 minute Circuit Strength Training
Su – Off
M – 45 minute elliptical (alt. forwards/backwards every 5 min)
T – 40 minute Circuit Strength Training
W – 45 minutes cycle class
TR – 60 minute yoga
F – planning on 40 minute Circuit Strength Training
NOW to the FUN STUFF!!!

Well, actually, my birthday was May 2nd. But I celebrated all weekend. Saturday I had dinner with my parents and a couple friends and later had an awesome cocktail party with friends at my apartment.
Me at my apartment (in a newly purchased dress from Target)
Dancing ensued.
And distracting kisses-while-late-night-pizza-ordering
Monday (my actual birthday) was celebrated with friends, beer, and $2 burgers (black bean for me) at Capital Ale House, a local restaurant in Richmond.
Bed time now. But here’s a hint for something exciting that I’m going to post about soon: it was a gift, it’s black, it’s rectangular. Guess away!
And tell me, what do you do to enjoy your birthday?

7 thoughts on “FOCUS!

  1. >when you asked if you could use a picture of me I didn't know it was going to be THAT picture. hahaAlso, I know what you mean about needing focus. I think it's something about Spring. There is SO MUCH going on and so much to get done and it's hard to do any of it! ah!!!!! I love your lolcatz pic! Meditation is definitely hard to do on your own. I recommend getting some yogi-ish music and saying you'll meditate for the duration of the song just as a way to get started. 🙂

  2. >only b/c it was your birthday I will not object as adamantly as I would normally. But realistically I don't care. It's not like I randomly walk into one of your blog followers at the grocery store or anything.

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