Pollen is in the air, the bugs are chirping

Spring is here! It’s a good thing that I don’t have allergies because this is what I see in the air:

And apparently the bugs have crawled out of their hiding spots. We have fruit flies :-\ .
So, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy finishing out my classes for the semester, and I’m happy to report that I only have one more thing to turn in! And it’s pretty much done.
Thank goodness. I am so ready for summer break. (from school that is. I still have to work… pesky jobs.)
What was that you said? You want to know what I’ve been up to lately? Ok, since you asked, here is a brief overview:
I fixed my dishwasher latch! It some how came off during a wash cycle, and after several failed attempts, I was able to figure out how it went and screw it back in! Yay for my handywoman skills.
I made plantains! I still haven’t perfected the preparation yet. I simply sautéed these in a little bit of olive oil in a nonstick pan. But they just aren’t the same as my mom makes (go figure). I’m thinking next time I’ll keep the pan covered to keep in the moisture more.
I’ve been working on making thicker homemade yogurt. Instead of adding powdered nonfat milk, I used 1 ½ tsp pectin. I chose pectin because that was what is used in Stonyfield Farm Plain yogurt. Right after the heating phase, I blended 1 ½ tsp pectin with 1 – 1 ½ cup of the hot milk in a blender.
Once blended, I mixed it into the rest of the yogurt in my Pyrex dish and continued as usual.
The yogurt came out a bit thicker, and it didn’t lose too much thickness when I stirred it, like the yogurt I made with milk powder. I’m still trying to perfect the recipe, though. Last night I made it with a little bit more pectin and it turned out a bit thicker (go figure). For my next attempt I’m planning to step it up to 2% milk.
4) Of course, I’ve been cooking:
Gluten-free Vegetable Pizza
Made from Lauren’s recipe, except using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour rather than plain garbanzo bean flour. It was a pretty good meal, but didn’t induce the pizza vibe for me. I just love my wheat I suppose. On the bright side: wasn’t it a pretty pizza? (Topped w/mozzarella, roasted vegetables (bell pepper, mushroom, onion, garlic), fresh basil, and sliced cherry tomatoes)

Easy Italian Quinoa Bowl 
Quinoa cooked in broth – Served with Pasta Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and either an egg or edamame. Simple & delicious.

Roasted Tofu & Vegetables w/Madras Lentils
Another easy meal. I simply roasted some vegetables in some olive oil in a roasting pan, roasted some tofu on a baking sheet with a little bit of oil, combined the two, and added this midway through:
(Trader Joe’s shelf-stable Madras Lentils)
Mexican Black Beans & Barley
Same as before except I only used ¾ of an onion and added a can of diced no-salt-added tomatoes. Plus I saved the yogurt until when I made individual bowls.
Coming soon: The Great Oatmeal Post pt. II with special appearances by overnight oats and oats in a jar.

3 thoughts on “Pollen is in the air, the bugs are chirping

  1. >I like the new template! although I'll admit I became a bit accustomed to the old one and miss it a bit, but it's just because I can't embrace change!You've been up to a lot of cooking!!! Love it! I can't wait to copy more of your recipes!

  2. >Thanks! Yeah, like you said I can always go back. 🙂 But I liked the way that the links looked better on this one, and I decided that I wanted some change.

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