The worst feeling in the world.


The worst feeling in the world is when you drop food on the floor. : (
I seriously get this slow-motion-watching-it-drop-sinking-feeling.
I just dropped part of my lunch for tomorrow. Luckily, only a little bit fell out and I had more to replace it with. But it was the worst 15 seconds of my day(/life).


3 thoughts on “The worst feeling in the world.

  1. >haha. What a hyperbolic mind you have my dear. But coincidently I dropped the half of my pear, sliced-side down on my carpet moments ago… I still ate it.

  2. >Olivia – Murphy's law takes another victim. haha Annie – As we both know, I have eaten pizza off the floor, but since my lunch was casserolly, and had a mini eruption on my floor, I felt that I had to treat my future self better than to scoop it back in haha

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