>Exercise Makes My Life Awesome


So I was on the elliptical yesterday evening, doing a nice, 45 minutes elliptical workout while reading a magazine, and this thought popped in my head: Life would seriously suck if I couldn’t/didn’t workout. 
Yesterday was one of those days when I just felt high on life (read:exercise) and might have stayed on the machine longer had an old man not been staring me down, waiting to get on when I was finished. (OK, so he was a cute little, old, foreign man and not staring me down at all)
But I decided that these are the reasons why my life would suck if I could not exercise:
1) Exercise has improved my relationship with food.
I remember at one point I was foregoing my pizza nights with girlfriends and introducing salads with grilled chicken instead because I was so worried about the calories in one night’s worth of pizza. Seriously? What was I thinking? Pizza is awesome! And dessert? Yes please. Not always of course, but sometimes. I love healthy foods, but I also like to indulge every now and then. And I like to focus on geting lots of healthy vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats rather than on my calorie intake. Which, to get back around to the original point of this post, is why exercise is awesome! (for body-goodness and more wiggle-room in my food eating abilities)
2) Exercise makes me feel on top of the world!
Seriously. I am the most awesome person ever when I’m exercising. And after, I have a renewed energy for life! You’ve probably experienced this – you’re feeling pretty lame and dreary and then you go to the gym, and you leave saying “Wow, why was I feeling so lame before? LIFE IS AWESOME!!!!”

3) Exercise makes you muscles bigger!
Bigger, and more defined. And then you feel really awesome and strong. (Even if you may or may not still be relatively weak.)
4) Exercising makes you feel like a bad ass.
Particularly if you’re taking a kickboxing class. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, go try it. You will feel like a hardcore bad ass. (Even if the class won’t necessarily prepare you for any real-life fighting. You can pretend.)
5) Exercise gives you peace of mind.
I’m talking about yoga here. It simultaneously calms my mind and stretches me out. It feels great to leave the gym just feeling at peace with the world… even (read: especially) when life gets stressful.
4) All you do is win, win, win.
No matter what. Self explanatory.

2 thoughts on “>Exercise Makes My Life Awesome

  1. >haha! interesting post. #1 made me laugh because I remember when I was younger my swim coach made us tell him why we liked swimming (i think my group was goofing off and he had enough) and the class-clown said "so I can eat more steak." ha!

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