Lick-the-Beaters Moments

>Today I am a little stressed because I have lots of schoolwork due on Wednesday, but I thought I would take a minute to jot down some of the small things that have brightened up my day today. I’ve decided to call them “lick-the-beaters” moments because, well licking the beaters is the ultimate simple pleasure in life. (OK, it’s probably not the ultimate simple pleasure, but work with me here)

1. Making a perfectly brewed pot of coffee.
This takes serious art with my sister’s coffee maker. Not only do you have to make sure that you have the perfect grounds per cup ratio, but you also have to make sure that you have the “accuflavor” (light–strong setting) on the right notch.

But this morning I succeeded in making the perfect cup.

2. Salvaging an almost-burned batch of oats. — So I was dillydallying as my oats were on the stove, and when I got back to them, a lot was stuck to the bottom. And I thought “oh no I’ll have to make a whole new batch!” But then I added a little more milk, covered them, and removed them from the heat, and voila! They were juuust right.

Steel Cut Oats made w/1/2 milk & pumpkin, peanut flour, & spices
3. Stealing leftovers from my parents’ house for lunch
Leftover Veggies + Roast chicken = Veggies + Roast chicken & Swiss Sandwich
4. Feeling strong! — Today at the gym I did my circuit training workout, and I felt a lot stronger. I was able to decrease my assisted pull ups to 40 lbs of assistance (used to do 50 lbs), increased my plie squat weight by 5 lbs, and increased the reps of all of my core exercises by about 5.
5. Making a fresh batch of iced tea with my Iced Tea Maker
soooo gooood
I made SPORTea (Iced version).
This tea is deliiiccciooouuus. The claims on the box are a little extreme, though. It sort of reminds me of powerthirst. Really, it’s just good tasting de-caffeinated tea. Nothing sporty about it.
6. Getting s@#$* done. — Paid bills, put away laundry, did the dishes. Feeling pretty darn accomplished right about now… Now if only I had gotten more work done on the paper I have due Wednesday…


5 thoughts on “Lick-the-Beaters Moments

  1. >Wow you did have a lot of great pickmeups today! Good coffee + oatmeal totally make my mornings:) (ps! I've totally salvaged my oats by adding extra milk and water…quite a few times!) And great job being strong at the gym- I really need to get liftin' again!

  2. >Meg, I've never done plie squats. I do sumo squats for ones with a wider stance. Seems like you really like plie squats though. How do you rank them? Spill the beans. Also you are so funny. Eat your beets then lick the beater!

  3. >Annie – I think plie and sumo squats are the same thing? I basically do them for my inner and outer thigh. And regarding the eat the beets and lick the beater- that is my intent haha

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