>Everything is a pain in the buttocks.


^^ That is how I’ve been feeling today. Too much to do. Too little time (I have class tonight and work all weekend). Even social time feels as if it’s something on my “to do” list. So in order to try and appease my sour mood, I’m going to make a list of things that I’m thankful for:
1. I have a job
2. I have my own apartment (with a roommate, but still.)
3. I have access to two gyms, and am injury-free
4. I can afford (both time-wise and money-wise) to eat healthy
5. I love my family.
6. I love my friends.
7. I love my wonderful boyfriend.
Wow, I think that making this list actually made me feel better.

So, the curry-peanut flour thing didn’t happen last night because I remembered that I still had leftover mexican quinoa! So I ate some of that over spinach with some salsa and roasted up some brussel sprouts and carrots to go with it. It was delicious. And tonight I’m going to do my peanut flour curry experimenting!

This morning I woke up not really sure what I wanted for breakfast, but I finally decided on some savory oats with spaghetti sauce, parmesan, an egg, and spices. It turned out pretty great!

While I was cooking my oats according to the container’s directions w/1/2 cup milk and the rest water, I combined the 1/8 cup spaghetti sauce, 1 tsp parmesan, red pepper flakes, minced onion flakes, oregano, and basil.
Then I fried up the egg as the oats were still cooking. Once everything was done cooking, I stirred the oats into the sauce combination and plopped the egg on top.
It was pretty awesomely delicious and rocked my world.
Today’s WORKOUT: Boot Camp! Surprise, surprise I went to Boot Camp again! Today’s workout was really cardiovascularly intense. I actually had felt the need to take a quick break a couple times. One awesome thing I noticed during the workout, though, was that I can now do more regular pushups before switching to my knees! My upper body strength is kinda lacking, so it’s really exciting to see an improvement.
After the workout, I stopped by my parents to pick up my laundry, and my Mom had folded it for me! It pretty much made my life 20x better. So I ended up actually folding the clothes that I had leftover in my basket from the last time I did laundry (yes, I’m that bad) and then loaded everything up and headed home. Maybe I’ll actually get all my laundry put away before I do my next load. Maybe. (j/k if I don’t get this put away today I think I will lose all hope in my potential to be a productive human being)
Once I got home I quickly polished off my cocoa-yogurt-cereal combination. I was hungry!
I was barely able to stop myself for the 10 seconds it took to take this picture.

And here I sit. With a long to-do list. Ready, GO!


5 thoughts on “>Everything is a pain in the buttocks.

  1. >wow. I had no idea you were this cool. seriously. I think I may have to read this religiously now that I now it exists. Plus we have another thing in common, our LOVE of food porn.

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