Laaaazzy Sunday(/month)

>I hate to admit that I’ve been feeling completely uninspired lately when it comes to cooking.

Lately, my meals have looked a lot like this:
Don’t get me wrong, that was an incredibly delicious meal. I love roasted vegetables, and I love pear-nut butter sandwiches, but I felt that I resorted to making that because I was too lazy to actually cook. It’s such work lately for me to think of something to cook. I’m hoping to turn this around soon, though. Tonight I’m planning on throwing together a Mexican Quinoa dish! I really wanted to make something with the batch of black beans that I cooked up earlier in the week
who knew they looked purple after soaking
and I have some quinoa in my pantry, so I did a quick internet search and stumbled upon another blogger’s recipe for Mexican Quinoa (with black beans). I may make a few tweaks, but I will definitely be reporting back about how it turns out! In the meantime, I’m headed out to the gym to do my strength training routine!
I’ll leave you with a cool internet find on how to detect lies.

3 thoughts on “Laaaazzy Sunday(/month)

  1. >I love lazy sundays…I definitely had one of them today as well. At least your veggies and pb pear sandwich look amazing anyway! can't wait to see how your mexican quinoa turns out…I might just have to go make some of that myself:)

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