>Let’s Get Physical, Physical!

>TADA! I’ve followed through for my second promised blog post!
THURSDAY 2/17/11
1-hour Boot camp! I looove this class! It works you so hard and it feels like you really accomplished something afterwards.
FRIDAY 2/18/11

It was sooo nice outside after work that I decided to go on a run in my neighborhood! I mapped out a 3 mile course and was on my way! It felt really great to work out outside. I can’t wait until after daylight savings ends and it’s still light out after work 🙂

SATURDAY 2/19/11
I headed straight to the gym after work to do my circuit strength training work out. As I was headed into the locker room I happened to run into an old high school schoolmate who was working in fitness at the gym. WARNING: MINI RANT BEGINNING I don’t usually like to speak ill of people, but this guy was really a pain in the butt. While we were talking it seemed as if he was really only waiting for his time to speak rather than actually attending to what I was saying. (big pet peeve) So after a too-lengthy conversation, I got changed and started my workout. Well while I was doing my straight-leg dead lifts, I notice him half-straightening some weights nearby (that were already straightened because it was a saturday night and hardly any one was there) and then when I finish my set he came over and said that I was straightening my legs too much when I went down and should try and keep more bend in my knees. At that moment I just felt like punching him in the face.
First off – I’ve been doing this circuit for about a year and a half with no issues/injuries and great results.
Second off- I’m pretty sure he does not lift weights
Thirdly- I was the only person he said anything to that was lifting weights.
I understand that it’s the job of fitness people to make sure that you don’t injure yourself or whatever, but it really seemed more like he was trying to assert some sort of power over me because he knew me from high school, I’m a female who’s lifting weights, and he just started working a new job in fitness. Basically I just told him I was fine and was steaming for the remainder of my workout.
What do you think about people correcting your form/giving you advice in the gym?
SUNDAY 2/20/11
Off day! Yessss. I love working out but sometimes after a 12 hour shift, it’s nice to just come home and chill. (With the boyfriend : ) )


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