^^ That is how I feel about this past week. Just one big blur of work, schoolwork, and half-completed items on my to-do list. My free time the past week has been reduced to 30-60 minute spurts of time when I try to get as much done as possible but end up just doing a little bit of everything and not completing anything.
For instance, as we speak I have about 15 tabs open in various windows of my browser for several different tasks. I am simultaneously:
– choosing my primary care physician for my new health insurance
– looking at/reading reviews of/about to order partially defatted peanut flour (Trader Joe’s stopped carrying it :*( )
– thinking about responding to a gchat that just popped up
– 3/4 of the way through a movie on netflix (Amelie–highly recommend it so far)
– applying to a different job
– half-way through putting away my clean clothes (from last week)
– sorting my pictures to make an entry on this blog
I’ve been trying to fit in all of these things into my very limited free time and it’s just made my mind a jumble of “gotta do this” “gotta do that” “don’t forget this”. AND I have a meeting at 1:30 pm. I really need to start meditating.
So essentially, since I haven’t had time to get myself organized and post the past five days (class & 12-hour-shift-work obligations), I am going to sum up each part of those days with a few entries: breakfast, workouts, other foods. Basically I felt the need right now to post that I haven’t died and that you can look forward to those three posts plus my yogurt post (yes, I will finally do it…hopefully) and a health news/cool information post. So that’s 5 posts…. we’ll see what actually gets done haha In the meantime I will leave you with an awesome video:


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