>  These past few days have been pretty hectic! Sunday I was busy getting ready for the work week and seeing friends. Then, Monday and Tuesday I worked my typical 12 hour shifts. So, because of the lack of posting, I’m going to flash through those days:
Sunday: ZUMBA! — A fun, dance aerobics class inspired by latin dance moves. An hour of good, heart-pumping fun
Monday: Strength Circuit-Training Routine
Tuesday: I took the night off : )
Food highlights:
     Breakfast : Steel cut oats w/canned pumpkin & almond butter (and pumpkin spices)

Monday: No highlights : (
Tuesday: Breakfast = Quick-cooking steel cut oats w/ kiwi & wheat germ (and spices, of course)
The kiwi was wonderfully delicious in this bowl! 
These past few days I’ve been waaaay too lazy about doing my schoolwork. I have an easy project due tomorrow that I just haven’t seemed to make myself start. Hopefully I will have better success right now. I’ve promised myself that I will finish it before I post more on here… so let’s hope that I can work quickly! (Still have to get out that yogurt post)

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